django-notifier is a django app to send notifications and manage preferences and permissions per user and group.

It can support multiple methods of sending notifications and provides methods to manage user preferences as well as group settings for notifications. email notifications are supported out of the box using django’s email settings, additional methods of sending notification (Backends) can be added as required to support SMS, phone or even snail mail.

The general idea is to reduce the overhead of setting up notifications for different actions (payment processed, new membership, daily update) and making it easy to use the same backend for all kinds of notifications.


django-notifier supports Django 1.4 and later on Python 2.7 and later. Earlier versions of Python and Python 3 have not been tested.

Contribute / Report Errors

To contribute to the code or docs, please visit the github repository at

To report errors, please create a new issue at

To Do

  • Add notification support for non-user addresses (emails, phones etc.)
  • Functions to output all email addresses for particular notification
  • Ways to send a notification to everyone in a notification list

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