A quick primer on how to start sending notifications.

Create Notification

  1. Use the create_notification shortcut method to create a new type of notification.

    Convention is to declare all notifications for an app in notifications.py in the app directory.

    from notifier.shortcuts import create_notification

    This will create a notification called ‘card-declined’.

  2. Create templates for notifications you want to be sent.

    For the email backend, the required templates for the ‘card-declined’ notification will be:

    • notifier/card-declined_email_message.txt
    • notifier/card-declined_email_subject.txt

    These can be placed in the app’s templates directory.

    The Site and User models are available as context for the templates. Different backends may use a different number and format of templates, but the convention is:


Send Notification

from notifier.shortcuts import send_notification
send_notification('card-declined', [user1, user2])